Kärcher is a world leader in providing both home and commercial quality cleaning machines; we have all the tools you need to get the best results in keeping your home sparkling, with the very best help from inside and out. Just to name a few, our range of products include: pressure washers, steam cleaners, vacuums, window vac's, floor polishers and sweepers. With our range of gardening equipment, we ensures to have the solution for all your cleaning needs. At Kärcher our outdoor range being extremely efficient and environmentally friendly, with having an indoor range that ensures there is no need to spend money on harsh chemicals to keep things clean, and with market leading warranties you can be sure that you are purchasing quality cleaning products, for making light work of stubborn dirt all around your home a thing of the past from Kärcher. Here are a few selected products for your visit and review.
Steam cleaners:
It can sometimes take more than a light scrubbing to see the results you want in your home, but this doesn't always have to involve harsh chemicals. The Kärcher SC2 can get to work deep cleaning in your home, requiring nothing but water straight from the tap. Whether you're looking for a helping hand for your weekly clean or are looking to go the extra mile to impress visiting relatives, the use of a steam cleaner can help you get more from the time you spend cleaning your home. The lightweight design (weighing less than 3kg) makes moving the SC2 around your home a matter of ease, allowing you to get at the tough stains, wherever they may be. While the Karcher SC2 is easy to handle, it does not compromise on cleaning power. The two level steam control ensures that your cleaning job remains effortless yet powerful around the home. The accompanying array of nozzles and attachments ensure you can use the steam cleaner on just about any surface in your home, with impressive results with every use.
Window vac's:
Dirty windows can be a nuisance, especially after the winter months when dirt and stains reduce the quality of light within your home. At Kärcher, we believe that having the right tools for the job is essential and when it comes to window cleaning there's no substitute for the Kärcher WV5. The WV5 builds on Kärcher's original window vac design, promising you great looking, streak-free windows with the greatest of ease. Equipped with an extended long-life battery which is inter-changable, you can continue working without stopping to recharge. The unit’s LED display shows the level of battery life so you’re never caught short. Suitable for use inside and outside the home, the WV5 also simplifies cleaning other glass or mirrored items. If you're looking for a way to take better care of all smooth surfaces around your home, the versatile and lightweight WV5 is the ideal companion.
Floor polishers:
Kärcher’s FP303 vacuum floor polisher offers an all-in-one solution for the care and maintenance of hard floors. The lightweight Kärcher FP303 floor polisher has high-speed rotating brushes, ideal for polishing all hard floors. With its innovative triangular polishing head, you can be sure to be rid of any dust bunnies in the corners of your room. The flat polishing head also makes it easy for you to polish under furniture. The FP303 has a vacuum function, which collects dust with its powerful suction. The removal pads can be stored in a space-saving accessory compartment, making the storing of this device simple. Polishing with an FP303 floor polisher will extend the period between cleans, while providing optimal care and maintenance for the floor. Frequent polishing will make your floor more resistant to abrasions, humidity and dirt, while making your floor more pleasing visually.
Additional floor care products are available to use alongside the FP303, such as waxes, which combined with the high pad rotation of the floor polisher will help build a smoother surface. You’ll be left with brilliant results – a clear polish that not only shines, but protects too. For the very best home and commercial quality cleaning products; visit Kärcher today from this page, to see what we have on-site from a wide range of quality cleaning machines!
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