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link Health and pharmacy | Distributing the highest quality

Established in 1999, Tower Health is dedicated to researching, promoting and distributing only the highest quality and most effective natural health and pharmacy products available throughout the world. Each and every health and pharmacy products are independently researched and approved, endorsed or clinically tested by leading healthcare professionals.
By keeping up with the latest developments in the field of natural health, Tower Health guarantees the very best in drug-free pain relief, alternative asthma and allergy treatment as well as innovative wellbeing and mobility solutions.

Get the WiTouch Pro for back pain relief, breakthrough technology that gives relief that last up to 25 years!

Five years ago I began feeling shooting pains down each leg and used my health insurance to have it examined. X-rays and an MRIscan revealed I have a deformity in both hips and I underwent keyhole surgery to repair the joints. Unfortunately this left me with severe damage and chronic back pain. I was in constant agony and it really disrupted my life. Chronic back pain is very common and is often caused by damage to the spinal nerves. We can prescribe specific nerve pain medication but these don’t tend to work well for large damaged nerves such as sciatic and spinal nerves Spinal cord stimulators were first developed in the Eighties – these work by interrupting and dampening down irregular signals to the brain, stopping it responding with pain.
Conventional spinal nerve stimulators are bulky and obvious under the skin. The device batteries also need replacing every five years which involves additional surgery. Take control of your Back Pain Anytime...with today’s daily mail good health the patient – Tina, found relief from her back pain via spinal surgery which costs around £32,000 privately. If you are suffering with spinal or neurological pain then it’s worth consideringclinically proven TENS therapy before resorting to surgery. The WiTouch Pro is the first wireless remote controlled pain relief device targeting Back, Shoulder, Hip and Period pain.
The thin and flexible design perfectly contours your body for maximum surface contact and WiTouch Pro is a proven Medical Device, it is safe, drug free, easy to use, making it the most discreet pain relief device in the world, no one will ever know you are wearing it. More importantly WiTouch Pro allows you to take control of your pain and maintain an active life. Instant relief when pain strikes with over 150 30 minute treatment sessions per battery life, WiTouch Pro will never let you down. The WiTouch Pro is supplied with batteries and 10 re-usable Gel Pads. Clinically proven, “This is comfortable to wear and works instantly, the remote is a fantastic idea”. Monty - Back pain sufferer. Get the WiTouch Pro today for fast back pain relief at an affordable price. £119.95 Ex VAT - Includes FREE 10 Pack of Gel Pads worth £10.95 right here.


I would like to see every home in Britain with one of these devices” By Dr Vernon Coleman. If you find that conventional medicine has done everything possible to help you without success - or your physiotherapist can no longer relieve you from unbearable arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, arthrosis etc - then you really should try Paingone. It’s a totally natural treatment that is used in many NHS Hospitals and Pain Clinics – because quite simply it works.
Quick and Effective:
Simply place the Paingone on the point of pain, and click away. This quick and effective 1 minute treatment stimulates the release of the body’s natural pain relievers – endorphins – getting them straight to the point of pain and providing welcome relief from many painful conditions without the use of drugs.
Medical Award:
Having met with acclaim when it was first launched in the UK, Paingone went on to be awarded medical product of the year and was featured in many national newspapers and magazines as the “miracle pain relief device”. Today it is sold in over 22 countries and available in many leading pharmacies. At Tower Health we care passionately about helping people towards a healthier, happier lifestyle. We dedicate ourselves to sourcing only the highest quality and most natural healthcare products available throughout the world. Our aim is to ensure you select the right products for you and your family.
Full Money Back Guarantee:
Paingone comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, plus when you order within the next 14 days you can SAVE £5 and get FREE 72hr DeliveryStrong> worth £3.95, plus receive a FREE Muscle & Joint Gel worth £9.95. As well as the money back guarantee Paingone comes with a full 2 year warranty. Get Free delivery (Saving £3.95) Use Code: WGARDEN
All Pain will be gone 

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