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At Tech21 we believe in the promise to always provide the most intelligent impact protection for mobile devices. We can make this promise thanks to a range of scientifically proven impact absorbing materials, ingenious design and unbeatable user friendliness. In 1995 Jason Roberts developed the first impact protective solution for a laptop: a bag in which the laptop was suspended within an aluminium cage to prevent it from being damaged by the impact from inevitable bumps and knocks.
Tech21 started to make impact protective accessories for mobile devices, becoming the first brand to employ scientifically proven, impact absorbing polymers in our products. With headquarters located on Eel Pie Island, London; our creativity and drive for incessant innovation has resulted in tech21 recognised as a global, market leading brand for mobile impact protection. Redefining the misconception that protection for mobile devices comes from size and bulk.
Our goal is that one day everyone can protect their incredible tech whilst enhancing their experience. For many brands, making phone and tablet cases is an afterthought. But, for us, it’s the main attraction. It’s the only thing we’ve been doing for the last ten years. As mentioned before, our mission is simple: To create the most intelligent impact protection on the planet. Visit Tech21 today from this page and get the best mobile protective accessories

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