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The leading entertainment auction site in the UK, where the lowest unique bid wins. We offer an exciting way for people to win or buy their favourite products such as TVs, Smartphones, Computers, Games Consoles, Home Appliances, Jewellery, Beauty Products and loads more at BidGrid.
Every winning bid is guaranteed to be just £3 or less, and on our bid limit auctions as people bid their own purchase price drops, so even if they don’t win they still have the option to buy the item at a discounted rate.
The huge savings on offer combined with the excitement and entertainment value of our live auctions means the BidGrid website has a broad appeal making it very easy to promote.
Our live auctions run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we always have a variety of new product auctions ending every single day. All payments are processed through the site so there is no leakage from telephone sales.

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